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Auto Body Dents Are More Than A Cosmetic Problem

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Dents and bends in a car's body can be an ugly sight, but many people ignore the problem as a mere cosmetic issue. Especially with cheap vehicles with little to no personal attachment, such repairs may seem like a waste of money. Unfortunately, driving with a messed up auto body could end up costing you a lot more as time goes by. Before letting the problem go, consider a few money-draining complications that could siphon your wallet far more than visiting a collision repair expert.

Wasting Fuel From Resistance

For the most part, vehicles are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. This means that a vehicle needs to be able to move forward with the increasing resistance of wind from many different directions with as little resistance or drag as possible. 

If you've been involved in an accident that dents your vehicle, your vehicle's aerodynamic design or aerodynamic profile can be changed. A dent may be directly facing forward, which can directly resist the oncoming wind and slow down your vehicle by a certain amount.

You can understand the concept of resistance by sticking your hand out of the window as you're driving and feeling the wind pushing back on your hand. That same force is pushing against your vehicle, and you'll need to consume more fuel to resist the force.

With less wind resistance, your car's engine needs to work harder to maintain the same speed. More fuel and more wear and tear on your vehicle can lead to increasing costs the more you drive. Instead of allowing these increasing costs pull cents out of your wallet every time you hit the accelerator, get the dents fixed by a collision repair professional.

If you're still unsure of whether the repairs are worth it, think about gas prices. If you care about gas prices changing by a few cents, losing a few cents as you drive should be just as concerning.

A Dent May Hide Bigger Damage

Depending on how hard your vehicle was hit, there may be bigger troubles beneath fender benders and side smashes. By the time you notice, the problem could have gotten worse and more expensive.

A collision does a lot of damage to a vehicle that isn't easily seen. As the tires skid across the road or come to a sudden stop, your suspension, brakes and axle could be going through a lot of trauma. The suspension can be thrown out of balance or your axle dented just slightly enough to begin a long term bend.

Such problems may go unnoticed for the first few weeks, but as you continue to drive on damaged parts you may feel a slight rumbling or more noticeable bumps. Unfortunately, these problems may mean that your damage has gone from a few dozen dollars to a few hundred in repairs.

Don't wait for poor performance to sneak up on you. Contact a collision repair professional as soon as possible and assess your vehicle's condition from lights to exhaust and everything in between. To learn more, visit Widrick Auto Sales .