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The Truth Behind Common Misconceptions About Purchasing Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicles

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Purchasing a vehicle is always a big decision, but the process becomes harder when you're trying to decide between a new or used luxury vehicle. After all, if you are going to spend the amount of money it takes to purchase a pre-owned luxury vehicle, you might as well purchase a new non-luxury vehicle, right? That isn't necessarily true. There are several common misconceptions about purchasing pre-owned luxury vehicles. So before you make your final decision, learn the truth behind some of the myths about buying a pre-owned luxury vehicle that you've probably heard.

You Won't Get a Warranty

One of the more common reasons that people avoid purchasing pre-owned luxury vehicles is because they think that in order to get a warranty, they need to purchase a brand new vehicle. However, it is possible to find pre-owned luxury vehicles that come with a warranty. Typically, pre-owned luxury vehicles that don't come with warranties are vehicles that are being sold by random dealerships or private owners. If they do have a warranty it's because the vehicle is still covered under the original warranty terms, so if you're lucky you may be able to find a car that's still under warranty for a year or two. By purchasing a certified pre-owned (CPO) luxury vehicle directly from a dealership that specializes in selling the brand of luxury vehicle you want, the vehicle could include a CPO warranty, which extends the vehicle's original warranty terms for approximately an additional two years.

Repairs are Really Expensive

It's common for people to associate luxury vehicles with extremely expensive repair costs. So they purchase a new luxury vehicle instead of a pre-owned one in hopes of avoiding any mechanical problems. Fortunately, not all luxury vehicles are really expensive to fix. Sure, if you purchase a pre-owned European luxury car, such as a Mercedes or BMW, the repairs are going to cost a bit more than that of a domestic vehicle. But if you're concerned about the cost of repairs, you can always purchase a pre-owned domestic luxury vehicle, such as a Cadillac, Lincoln, or Buick.

New Vehicles Have More Features

Before you assume that a brand new luxury car has more features than a pre-owned model, you should compare a list of features for both models. If you're comparing a pre-owned luxury vehicle to a new luxury vehicle, you might discover that a lot of the features on the new model and a one-year old model are similar. However, it will cost a lot less to purchase a pre-owned luxury vehicle that's only a year old. If you're comparing the features of a new non-luxury vehicle to the features of pre-owned luxury vehicle, you be surprised to discover that you can purchase a pre-owned luxury model that's several years old that has the same features as the brand new non-luxury vehicle. Remember, many car features make their debut in luxury vehicles, so it's often easier to find features that are new to non-luxury cars in pre-owned luxury vehicles than you might think.

The fact is, whether you purchase a new car or a pre-owned luxury vehicle is entirely up to you. However, you shouldn't allow other people's opinions sway your decision. There are several misconceptions surrounding pre-owned luxury cars that simply aren't true. For more information, visit an auto dealer near you, like Bay Ridge Nissan