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Auto Body Shop's And Full Damage Inspections

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Only some people know the full picture of how an auto body shop commonly works. Many think that auto body pros only handle massive damage inflicted on a vehicle's frame. True, anyone passing by such a garage may see numerous near-totaled vehicles awaiting repair. However, an auto body shop will also handle less catastrophic damage, such as rear-end-collision-inflicted bumper replacements. Sometimes, the damage involves a severe dent that looks unsightly but doesn't seem to affect driving. What "seems to be" might not be the same as "what is" when discussing auto body damage. Properly inspecting other parts by an auto body shop technician may uncover hidden damage that presents safety risks.

Unseen Damage 

A low-impact collision at low speeds may result in impossible-to-ignore body damage, but the impacted vehicle might appear to drive without problems. While the owner may want to repair the body damage right away, the person may put off a trip to the auto body shop because of scheduling conflicts and more. Such a decision could be disastrous when unseen damage accompanies the visible issues. For example, the car's suspension may suffer from harm, and the driver might not realize it until operational problems arise.

Damaged Suspension

A vehicle's suspension may seem out of sight, and problems associated with a damaged suspension might not appear apparent. However, drivers could take great risks driving with suspension issues, especially when a vehicle hits higher speeds on the highway. If a car can't handle that well at high speeds, the risks of a crash may jump. Getting a damaged vehicle to a body shop right after an accident seems wise. The vehicle may be more dangerous to drive than the owner realizes.

Auto Body Shop Inspections

When a repair technician examines a vehicle's damage to make an assessment of repair work, the review may include more than an assessment of how to replace damaged auto body parts. The technician could make a note of other visible issues, such as damage to the suspension or brakes. The resulting assessment could lead the owner to make additional repairs to restore the vehicle to safe operating abilities.

Ask About Inspections

When contacting an auto body shop about repairs and estimates for exterior damage, it might be a good plan to ask a representative about the extent of the inspections performed. Knowing how detailed and expansive the inspection is could help the owner know if all potentially damaged parts are noted.