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How To Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle

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In comparison to driving a car or truck, riding a motorcycle is far more fun and fuel efficient. However, a major disadvantage of motorcycles is that they are also far more dangerous. Fortunately, as a motorcycle rider, there are many things you can do to decrease your chances of injury or death. Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe on your motorcycle.

Wear Accessories

Aside from a helmet, there are many other accessories you should purchase to ensure your safety while riding a motorcycle. One of the first accessories you should buy is sturdy boots or shoes. This footwear should both cover and support your ankles. The heels of the boots or shoes should be as short as possible, so that they won't end up catching on the road. The soles should ideally be non-slip. When wearing the footwear, ensure that you don't forget to tuck the laces away.

You should also purchase a long-sleeve leather jacket and leather pants. If you can't afford to buy leather, a heavy, synthetic material will be adequate. The jacket shouldn't flap in the breeze while you're riding your motorcycle. However, the jacket shouldn't be so tight that you can't move freely. The pants should cover up your legs entirely.

If you have the money, purchase sturdy gloves that cover your hand entirely. The gloves should enable you to have a firm grip on the handle. Even if your motorcycle has a windshield, you should consider getting a face shield or shatter-proof goggles.

Be Visible

Many motorcycle accidents result from the driver of a car or truck not being able to see the motorcycle rider. Therefore, it is vital that you try to make yourself as visible as possible while riding your motorcycle on the road. Wear neon-colored, reflective clothing to make it easier for drivers to see you. Also, ensure that you keep the headlight of your motorcycle on at all times. Even if the road appears to be completely empty, use your turn signals at all times. Finally, no matter how tempting it may be, avoid sharing lanes with other drivers. It can be very easy to end up in a driver's blind spot by sharing a lane with them.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to stay safe on your motorcycle. Just follow the tips listed above and you will likely reduce your chances of experiencing injury or mortality as a result of riding a motorcycle.