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3 Interesting Facts About Harley Davidson You Might Not Know About

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Harley Davidson has a long history of producing the best bikes on the road. With such a rich and interesting past, there's plenty about Harley Davidson you probably don't know. Here are 3 interesting facts about Harley Davidson that might make you appreciate this legendary motorcycle brand even more than you already do.

The Most Expensive Harley Ever Sold

The most expensive Harley ever sold went for a cool $1 million, and was personally designed by Jack Armstrong, an artist known for a style referred to as Cosmic Extensionalism. Only one Million Dollar Harley was made, and it's a mean looking ride. Thankfully for those not interested in in shelling out $1 million for a Harley, there are still plenty of other Harley rides available for something a little more in your budget range.

Harley Davidson's Have Been Vital To The War Effort

Harley Davidson's are known to be the king of the road in the United States, but they also have a long history of helping soldiers get from point A to point B during some of America's biggest wars. During World War I, over 20,000 Harley Davidson's were used by the armed forces.

The armed forces saw the benefit that Harleys provided, and during World War II, production was tripled. Over 60,000 Harley Davidson WLA motorcycles were produced and saw action in many different theaters of the war. The WLA motorcycle actually received the nickname of "Liberator," as U.S. soldiers were often seen riding them in the areas of Europe that were liberated throughout the war.

Many soldiers who got their first contact with a Harley Davidson would bring their love of the Harley motorcycle home with them, helping fuel Harley Davidson's popularity during the post-war boom. Every time you hop on your Harley, just remember that you're riding a bike brand with a long and illustrious military history.

There's a Reason Harleys Are Referred to as "Hogs"

Harleys are affectionately known as "hogs" with many riders, and there's a back story to this interesting nickname. During the 1920's, Harley Davidson had a team of riders who would race to promote the speed and efficiency of the Harley motorcycle brand. Whenever the team would win, they would lift their mascot high into the air and do a victory lap on their bike. That mascot just so happened to be a pig, and the nickname caught on from there.

Ultimately, the great thing about Harley is it's not just a motorcycle, but a whole chunk of history and lore wrapped into a mean machine. Harley Davidson continues to inspire the imagination, and leaves collectors and enthusiasts alike with plenty to talk about.