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2 Features To Look For In A Road Trip Vehicle

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Going on a road trip is a great vacation option, but in order to make the most of the trip you are going to want to have the right vehicle. Plenty of storage space and a spacious interior are features to look for in a road trip vehicle. 

Storage Space

Unless your road trip is going to consist of a simple day trip, you are going to need a change of clothes and other items in order to fully enjoy your trip. In that situation, you are going to want to consider purchasing a vehicle that has enough storage space so that you can store several days worth of clothing and toiletries for yourself and at least one other person. 

One of the best options available to you is going to be a hatchback. These vehicles are often going to have enough storage space for you and a passenger to share, and with a lot of room to spare.

In addition, many hatchbacks will also have quite spacious backseats, which are perfect for bringing more people along on the trip or using as additional storage space. An SUV is also going to be a good option due to the larger amount of cargo space, but you should only consider an SUV is you are okay with the fact that your fuel economy will not be as good as that offered by a smaller hatchback.

Spacious Interior

One of the issues that can come up on many road trips is that you or your passengers will begin to feel claustrophobic and need to get out and stretch their legs. However, you can minimize that effect on your road trips by taking a vehicle that has a wide open cabin. A wide open cabin typically has large windows, a sun-roof, or a convertible roof that can give the illusion of size due to the amount of light that is let into the vehicle.

Another benefit to having a convertible or a car with a sunroof is that it can make the car feel and smell less stuffy. This is a very big deal when you consider how long you and your passengers will be in a confined space together. 

Visit your local new and used car dealer, like Western Avenue Nissan, today in order to see and test drive all of the great road trip vehicle options. The ideal vehicle for your road trip will provide both a spacious interior with a sense of openness and a lot of cargo space