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2 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Husband Who Loves His Used Harley

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If your husband spends a lot of time focused on his used Harley motorcycle he may appreciate being gifted with something that makes his ride feel new again come birthday time. A new set of tires or paint job are thoughtful ideas, but they don't offer much excitement overall. Instead of or in addition to the practical birthday presents you choose to get him, consider gifting him with something both useful and fun. Here are a couple of awesome options to consider:


If your husband doesn't already have some sort of storage system set up on his Harley, consider buying him a new set of saddlebags. Saddlebags are designed to sit directly behind the motorcycle seat or one either side of its back tire. They can store things just like a vehicle's trunk would, although they don't offer quite as much storage space. Hard-mount saddlebags are the most common variety, as they can be directly bolted to the motorcycle's frame to offer permanent storage space. There are two types of hard-mount saddlebags to choose from:

  • Fiberglass – These hard-covered saddlebags are waterproof and provide more storage than leather bags.

  • Leather – These soft-covered saddlebags are less expensive than fiberglass but offer more of a "biker" look.

If you aren't sure which type of saddlebags to get him, buy him one of each, and he can take the one he doesn't want back. Alternatively, you can give him a gift certificate good for a set of saddlebags of his choice.

Road Trip Literature

An excellent way to support your husband's interest in taking road trips on his Harley is to gift him with a set of books that will invoke his curiosity and encourage him to make some travel plans. Some books that may inspire his adventurous side include:

  • Jupiter's Travels – Tim Simon gives an account of his 78,000-mile motorcycle trip through 45 different countries around the world.

  • The Motorcycle Diaries – Ernesto "Che" Guevara offers up a memoir of traveling South America with a friend in his younger years.

  • The Longest Ride – Emilio Scotto tells all about the ten years and 500,000 miles he spent on the road with his motorcycle.

In addition to inspirational reads, provide your husband with a couple of maps he can use to plan his own road trips. If you have an idea of where he'd like to travel to first, give him a travel guide for that area to help him plan.

These practical and exciting gift ideas should provide years of convenience and fun for your husband.