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4 Tips On Shopping For A Car For Your Teen

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If your teen is ready to start driving, you may have considered helping them purchase their first vehicle. This ensures that you have some control over their safety when it comes to them being on the road for the first time. Here are four tips on shopping for a car for your teen driver:

  1. Look for Deals: First off, it's important to remember that even if your teen is responsible, they are more likely to get into a car accident than other drivers on the road. This is because it's their first time experiencing being on the road and sometimes that freedom can get into their heads and they may end up making poor driving decisions at some point. For this reason, you want to shop for cars that are affordable and easily replaceable. Be sure that you shop online for deals from multiple dealerships so that you have specific cars to look at once you are ready to go in person.
  2. Compromise: When shopping for a car for your teen driver with them alongside you, it can be challenging. Your teen driver will likely want a car that is too expensive or that you do not approve of. Be sure to discuss the options of cars that you have found online with your teen and talk about why these vehicles are going to be best in the end. Let them know that this doesn't have to be their vehicle forever and that there are options for them to replace it on their own, should they choose to do so, in the future once they are out of school and have a job. 
  3. Ignore Minor Dings: When shopping for a vehicle for your teen, in order to get the best deal, you are going to want to look at used cars. For this reason, there are probably going to be many options that have minor dings. If this was a long term investment, then these cars should not be considered. However, since your teen probably isn't going to be driving this car long term and will probably add some of their own dings and scratches to the vehicle over time, it's best to ignore these. Besides, it gives you more wiggle room to haggle on the price. 
  4. Always do a Test Drive: Even if your teen is insistent that this is not the car that they want, always do a test drive. Let your teen know that this doesn't have to be the car, but doing a test drive can help them compare with other vehicles you look at later. A test drive may just be the best way to convince your teen that this car is the best option for them in the end. 

When you consider these four tips when shopping for a car for your teen, it can become easier and less stressful. In the end, you are going to get the best deal and a car that you are comfortable with them driving. Contact a dealer, like Jack Burford Chevrolet, to get started.