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What Should You Ask When Buying A New Car?

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The car that you have found is absolutely perfect, and it is obviously brand new, so if you are like a lot of car buyers, you will sit down with a loan representative at the car lot and initiate the financing process. The only issue here is this: you should never by a car, even a brand new one, without first asking some really important questions at the dealership. This purchase will likely be one of the bigger ones you ever make, so you have to go into the process educated. here is a short list of questions to ask the dealership before you buy a new car.

Does the car come with a manufacturer warranty?

A new car typically does come with a warranty from the manufacturer, but not always. If a car is released as a temporary model or is used as a show car for the lot, it may not come with a warranty at all. The warranty is highly important because it will cover things like major manufacturing flaws or engine issues if the car fails long before its intended lifespan. In addiction to a manufacturer's warranty, some new car dealerships also offer a warranty of some form for new vehicles, which may not cover as much as the manufacturer would, but can pick up where there may be missing coverage areas.

How well will the car hold its trade-in value?

This questions is hugely important even though it is most often disregarded. According to Auto Trader, people who buy a car usually only keep it an average of 71.4 months, which is roughly six years. The chances that you will eventually want to trade the car in for a newer model are pretty high, and you do not want to be stuck with a car that will lose a lot of its value even if it is well maintained.

Will the car have high insurance rates?

Auto dealerships have some professionals on their team that deal with buyers every day. Therefore, they tend to know a lot about things you may not expect. One of the worst things you can do is buy a new car and then discover that keeping insurance on the thing is going to leave you broke, unable to make the payments. The pros at the dealership can probably tell you which cars on the lot will come with the highest insurance rates so you don't run into unexpected costs of ownership.