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Planning To Buy Your Teen A New Car? 2 Tips On Making The Right Choice

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If you are planning to purchase a new car for your teen, there are many things you should consider first. This will ensure you purchase the right car for your teen so they will not only be safe but also be happy with the car you choose for them. To help you, below are three tips you should consider when you start shopping.

Safety Ratings

When choosing a new car, determine the safety rating. You can ask the salesperson for this information, and you can also do your research online. There are many websites that list cars according to how the cars have been rated for safety.

One safety feature you should look for is electronic stability control.  This will help your teen keep control of their car when driving on slippery roads, such as from rain or snow. Blind spot monitoring is another feature you should consider. This will alert your teen if there is a car in their blind spot. This will prevent your teen from moving over into another lane and hit a car. Side curtain airbags are also beneficial. This will protect passengers on the side of their body in case of a car accident.

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are another safety feature you will find on new cars. These brakes are beneficial if your teen has to brake hard, such as to prevent from hitting a car in front of them. This is because ABS breaks will prevent the wheels from turning. ABS brakes also help keep the wheels straight while the car is sliding. This allows your teen to have better control over the steering wheel in different situations.

Traction control is another safety feature, which will limit how much the wheel spins when the car is being accelerated. This control works along with the ABS brakes.

Car Size

The car size is also important when purchasing a new car for your teen. Heavier, bigger cars are the best option, but these can be expensive. Smaller cars are much more affordable and will be easier for your teen to drive and park. You will find smaller cars have a lower score on crash tests, however. If you want a smaller car, check the crash test ratings so you will choose a car that has the highest rating.

Instead of a small car, consider a mid-sized or compact SUV. These will be more expensive than a small car but not as expensive as choosing a full-sized SUV. Your child will not only be driving a car that will protect them better in a car accident, but your teen will also sit up higher in the car allowing them to see the road much better.

You do need to determine how effective the headlights are on the mid-sized vehicle you choose. In order to do this, test-drive the car at night. If you do not think the headlights are effective, you can choose to have the car updated with a trim level that has upgraded headlights.

Talk to a salesperson at a place where there are cars for sale, and they can help you choose the right one that will work best for your teen.