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Do You Have The Car That Will Work With The Baby Seat?

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So, you're getting ready to have a baby and you're buying all of the gear that you'll need to keep baby comfortable and safe. One thing that you will need is an infant car seat that is rear-facing. You will find this piece of equipment to be both a life-saver and complete punishment. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you prepare for the many struggles that you'll have as a new parent.


Will the vehicle that you already own work well with an infant car seat? Some smaller vehicles don't fit the rear-facing car seats in the back seat without pushing the passenger front seat all the way forward. Then, you can't have anyone, unless they are very small, sit in the passenger seat up front.

If you have the car seat, read the installation instructions, take it to the car and try to install it. Can you do it? Another good idea is to take it to the local fire department – many fire departments offer car seat installation assistance. Not only will they install it for you, but they'll show you how to do it yourself and how to safely secure the baby in the seat.

Now, if that car seat isn't going to work in your car, it's time to start shopping around for a new used car that's more baby friendly. You know why lots of soccer moms choose mini-vans to get their families around? It's because of how convenient they are for so very many things. You won't have to struggle to fit car seats in, you can add a few more kids to the family before needing to upgrade again and you'll have all of the space that's needed to change diapers and do feedings on the go.

Look for a car with the Latch system for car seats – it'll save you a ton of time when it comes to installing and uninstalling the car seats in the car – and it keeps the car seat more secure no matter what type of impact is experienced in an accident.

Well, if you have the gear, you have the car that'll work with the gear – now all you need to do is load up the go-bags and wait for the big day to arrive. Hopefully, you'll get through these last few weeks of preparation without suffering too much. These days will go by quickly, but slowly at the same time – good luck.