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Reasons To Choose A Crew Cab Pickup Truck

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When you picture a pickup truck, there's a good chance that you imagine a model that has just a pair of side doors. If you're starting to shop for this type of vehicle, however, you'll come across many models that have four doors — often described as having a "crew cab." Before you decide how to proceed, it's a good idea to consider the merits of the latter design — which is widely available. Here are three reasons to choose a pickup truck that has a crew cab when looking at trucks for sale.

More Seating

A big reason to buy this type of pickup truck is that it provides you with more seating space for passengers. While seating scenarios can vary significantly from truck to truck, some models that have just two side doors will only have front seating. When you have a crew cab pickup truck, it has extra seats behind the front seats — either a pair of bucket seats or a bench that will fit three passengers. This means that you can carry significantly more people in your pickup truck, which can be handy in a wide range of scenarios.

More Secure Storage Space

You might not envision many situations in which you'll need to carry more than one passenger in your new pickup truck. This doesn't mean that you should disregard crew cab models, however. The longer cab provides you with a lot of storage space. While pickup trucks already have storage space in the bed, this space isn't necessarily secure. Unless you have a cover, the items in the truck bed are exposed, which means that you won't want to carry valuable items in this spot. With a crew cab, you'll have plenty of space behind the front seats to store items that you need to keep secure.

Better Seating

Although many do not, some two-door pickup trucks actually have a second row of seats. However, these seats are often smaller than conventional seats, and sometimes they fold down for use which can cause issue.It can be difficult to get access to the folding seats. and someone who needs to sit behind you will have to fold your seat down and climb past it. Finally, this environment tends to be cramped, which can make sitting behind the front seats uncomfortable on long rides. A crew cab pickup has an overall better seating situation. Not only will full doors allow easy access to the seats, but there will typically be more legroom for those who sit on them, too.