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Three Ways To Use Your New Pickup Truck's In-Floor Storage

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Storage is an important topic to think about when you shop for a new pickup truck. While you might initially be preoccupied with the size of the truck bed — after all, that's the part of the truck that you'll use to store all sorts of items — you should also consider what storage options are available inside of the cab. If you're buying a four-door truck, you'll find some models that have in-floor storage in front of the rear seats. These compartments are accessible by a door in the floor that latches and locks shut. Here are three ways that you'll likely use your new pickup truck's in-floor storage.

Keeping Valuables Out Of Sight

One of the best ways to use your pickup truck's in-floor storage is to keep valuables out of sight when you park the vehicle. It can often be convenient to leave valuables in the cab of the vehicle, but you want to feel as though they're safe. Whether you have a laptop or a tablet, camera gear, or something else of high value, being able to securely place it in the in-floor storage and then lock the compartment door will give you a feeling of confidence that your item will be safe.

Storing Items That Water Could Damage

If you're running errands with your family, you'll often place items such as groceries in the bed of your truck for the ride home. This can work when the weather is clear, but it's not an idea that you'll want to pursue if it's raining or snowing. Placing several bags of the groceries in the cab of the truck can be a challenge if your entire family is riding with you, but it can make sense to place the bags inside of the in-floor storage compartments. Not only will they be out of the elements, but they also won't be in the way of your kids in the back seats.

Hiding Gifts For Family

If you're using your new truck to shop around the holidays or in advance of a family member's birthday, you might buy a gift several days or even weeks before you present it to a loved one. If you're worried about someone inadvertently coming across the gift inside of your home, it can make sense to keep it out of sight in your vehicle. Being able to secure the gift in one of your truck's locking floor compartments will ensure that the gift remains a secret until you're ready to give it.

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